Horecadesk relieves catering entrepreneurs completely: from the financial administration, insurance and payroll administration to the data analyses that provide them with extensive business intelligence information. Horecadesk is a full-service consultancy firm specialising in catering, for catering entrepreneurs with a diverse range of services, via pick-plug and play, tailored to your needs.

PersonPlus is de strategisch partner met passie voor personeel in de horeca. Wij bieden full service HR begeleiding en ontzorging rond arbeidsvraagstukken.

Sparkle Business Innovations provide multiple online services to help HoReCa companies develop their businesses. Whether you’re looking for a re-vamped website, new visuals in the form of videos, photos, 3D scans of buildings – Sparkle Business Innovations can offer it all.

They also offer results based advertising and marketing services to help find new customers and retain existing customers.